1125 - 1186
Aaron the Jew is the greatest of all the medieval Jewish bankers.
The earliest mention of Jews in Lincoln is in this year.
Aaron of Lincoln is reviled by Christians for boasting that he made a shrine for St Alban in St Alban's Cathedral.
Hugh of Avalon is appointed as Bishop of Lincoln. He is a great benefactor and protector of the Jewish community
Aaron of Lincoln dies, and the king has to establish a special office in the Exchequer of the Jews (Scaccarium Aaronis) just to deal with his assets.
Much of the treasure of the deceased Aaron of Lincoln is lost to the sea along with the King's retinue between Shoreham and Dieppe.
The Lincoln Jews are attacked by returning Crusaders but saved by Bishop Hugh.
In the Nottingham Donum, Lincoln's Jewry pays the second largest tribute of £287 4s. 11d. London pays £.486 9s. 7d.
Bishop Hugh dies and is deeply mourned by Lincoln Jews.
Hugh is canonised as St Hugh of Lincoln. Two Lincoln Jews, Mosse de Ballio and Sara, wife of Deulacresse, are murdered in this year and the Jewry is raided.
1225 - 1275
Benedict, son of Moses of Nicole (i.e. Lincoln), is the most prominent English rabbinical scholar.
After the economic collapse of the York Jewry, Lincoln ranks in importance with Oxford, after London.
A young Christian boy, Hugh, is murdered. The Jews of Lincoln are accused – an instance of The Blood Libel. Little Hugh is locally revered as a 'saint'.
1255 - 1280
The Angel Choir is constructed in the Cathedral along with the shrine to Little Hugh.
1257 - 1280
Hagin, son of Moses, brother of Benedict of Nicole is the Arch-Presbyter of the English Jews.
Lincoln Jews are attacked by the 'disinherited' knights during the Baron's War. They burn records of debts and sack the synagogue.
Leon (Judah) of Lincoln, one of the most prominent businessmen of the period, is executed.
Bellassez, daughter of Master Benedict of Lincoln, is hanged in London.
All the Jews of Lincoln are expelled in the general expulsion of Jews from England. The financial assets of 62 Jews are listed. Most of the houses are in Brauncegate (now Grantham Street) or St Martin's Parish.
– In an inspeximus, it is noted that some 26 Jewish houses still survive in Lincoln and are still known by the name of their former Jewish owners. The cemetery also still survives. Another petition by the citizens of Lincoln, to Edward III, recalling former Jewish properties, also notes that, '… it is now sheweth that the greatest hide - places were of their buildings…' a possible reference to the secure cellars of the former Jewish properties.
A small statuette of Little Hugh is said to still survive in the Cathedral.
1766 - 1767
Nathan Elias, a Jew of Lincoln, is admitted to membership of the Great Synagogue. There are several other Jewish individuals in Lincoln in the period, but probably no fully-fledged community.
The tomb of Little Hugh is opened and a skeleton of a small boy is found.
Mordecai Moses of Lincoln dies and is buried at Hull.
Visitors to Jews Court are told it contained the well where Little Hugh was murdered by the Jews.
A pamphlet was published saying that a well had been uncovered but in 1928 this is found to be a fraud. It was dug by the Victorian house owner in order to make money from gullible tourists by claiming it was the well where Hugh was found.
Lincoln City Council recommended demolishing Jews' Court because of its bad state of repair, though they wanted to keep the well as a tourist attraction.
The Jewish Historical Society held a meeting and service in the upper room of Jews' Court, this was probably the first to be held on this site since 1290.
Anna Roden (the daughter of Jewish celebrity chef, Claudia Roden) and Clive Wolman, from London held their betrothal ceremony at Jews' Court, recreating the betrothal ceremony of Judith Belaset in 1271.
The Jewish Community of Lincoln is refounded. In November the LJC hold their first service at Jews' Court.
1996 - 1997
A Liberal Jewish community is re-established in Lincoln and holds services in an upper room of Jew's House. A plaque is placed in the upper room to celebrate the fact.
First circumcision, that of eight-day old Isaac Levi, is celebrated.
First Bat Mitzvah at Jews Court -- Jane Rebekah.
Di and Bernie Adler are married in Jews Court, the first Jewish wedding since that of Judith Belaset in 1275,
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