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JTrails has produced several trail publications, covering Oxford, Lincoln, Northampton and Bradford, as well as its history of Anglo-Jewry and our new book, 'The Jewish Heritage of Lincoln Cathedral'. We also stock copies of 'Jewish London' a leading new guide to the Jewish sights of London.

These publications are all available to buy. Additionally, 'The Story of England's Jews', is free to down-load.

To purchase contact JTrails, via our contact page, or call 07429 018962.

To receive your individual trail publication you will need to send us a cheque for the trail publication made out to the 'JTrails' and a first class stamped self-addressed A5 envelope, with an addressed covering note requesting the relevant trail(s). The Oxford, Northampton and Lincoln Trails are £1.50 each and the Bradford Trail £5.00. Payments can also be made via our donations page.

The costs and postage and packaging costs of the published books are given separately below.

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'The Jewish Heritage of Lincoln Cathedral' by Marcus Roberts

Our latest and most ground-breaking trail is that of Lincoln Cathedral, which explores the exception Jewish history and heritage of this landmark cathedral and Christian icon. An abridged version of the trail is on the JTrails web-site for you to preview. The book is A4 in size and 46 pages with 85 full-colour and high-definition illustrations. It is one of the most lavishly illustrated Jewish heritage books of recent years. RRP £10.00. plus large letter rate £1.51.

'Jewish London' by Rachel Kolsky and Roslyn Rawson

Jewish London is the only travel guidebook available that focuses on the heritage and culture of London's historic and present Jewish community.

Packed with fascinating and practical information, Jewish London features everything for the visitor to London, from walking tours of historic areas such as the Jewish East End to listings of synagogues, kosher restaurants and shops and features profiling important Jewish personalities and their London associations.
It is lavishly illustrated with over 200 images and specially commissioned maps.

Reviews of 'Jewish London'

'It's not often that a guidebook gets people genuinely excited.
But the stunning Jewish London sets standards that are hard to beat.' (LJN April 2012)

'The Time Out for Jewish London'

'The book is a must for anyone interested in exploring Jewish life in London past and present.'

' ... the passion and enthusiasm of the authors for their subject just jumps out of the pages'

'Highly recommended!'

'This is the book we have been waiting for!'

' ... packed with curious facts - (the information) is delivered in a charming style at a comfortable pace.'
'This is the best of guide book writing: opening up a fascinating and important heritage to everyone, of any belief or background.'


A special discounted price of £10.00 (RRP £10.99) plus p&p £1.80, when ordered via JTrails. The authors are very kindly donating the profits of any books sold via JTrails, to JTrails, to help with our work and projects.

Lincoln City Trail

Our newest printed town trail (2014) is the Lincoln City Trail which traces the internationally important Jewish heritage of Lincoln in what makes a wonderful day visit. The trail goes through or passed, all of the major heritage sites in the city, including the Cathedral, Castle and magnificent medieval Jews' Houses on Steep Hill as well as viewing unique medieval Jewish artefacts in 'The Collection'.

Oxford Trail

The Oxford Trail reveals the often little known, but fascinating history, of the Oxford Jewish community that goes back to just after the Norman Conquest and shows why the Jewish history of Oxford must rate among the top Jewish heritage destinations in the country. The Oxford Trail is a glossy folded A5 folded trail containing an attractive and specially detailed trail map, with 30 places of interest and their history, on a circular route of just under 3 miles. The trail also has a list of key dates and events to introduce the history of the community as well as a short quiz! The trail publication could form the basis of a great Jewish themed day out in Oxford or provide an invaluable education resource. Price £1.50.

Northampton Trail

The Northampton trail has been a great success as it reveals the unexpected Jewish history of Northampton and shows that the Jewish history of Northampton is more than a bunch of Jewish cobblers! In fact the town has a rich medieval history and the trail reveals the latest archaeological discoveries in the town at the medieval Jewish cemetery and synagogue. It also reveal how leading Jewish personalities of Northampton were founders of the modern boot and shoe industry, which for 150 years, was the staple of the town's economy. The trail has 14 places of interest on the trail and is a walk of about 2 miles and includes the medieval Northampton tombstone in the Museum, the sites of the synagogue and cemetery, as major points of interest. The trail has a time-line of Jewish history, information on the persecution of Jews in Northampton, as well as a short quiz. It is convenient to access from London and the town has more remaining heritage and character than is usually appreciated and would make a good alterative half-day or day out, which could, for example, be combined with a visit to nearby Althorpe, or Bicester Retail Village. Price £1.50.

Bradford Trail

Our Bradford Trail is written by Bradfordonian, Nigel Grizzard, and is a specially produced A5 glossy, richly illustrated booklet of 15 pages, replete with photographs taken specially for the publication. The booklet gives a convenient over-view of Bradford's important Jewish history and the story of the Jewish Merchant Princes based in Little Germany, who were the power behind the Victorian worsted trade, and has a trail of 9 of the key locations. Bradford is well worth a special trip, as its high Victorian architecture in the town centre is exceptional, especially in Little Germany, which has the feel of central Europe as well as its very important Jewish associations. Price £5.00.

The Story of England's Jews - The First Thousand Years

This short history of the Jews of England by JTrails Director, Marcus Roberts, summarises in just over 60 pages the main narrative and themes of the Jewish people of England, from the Conquest to the present. The book is an invaluable resource as it covers both medieval and modern history in one connected story and tells the story both accurately and economically. the book was designed to be shorter than most of the other histories of Anglo-Jewry and to be written in an accessible style for a wide range of readers and can also be used as an educational resource for students. FREE DOWN-LOAD.


The Story of England's Jews - The First Thousand Years

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