Jew's Road (Chemin des Juifs)
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Disability and Access

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Getting There and Disabled Access

Getting There

This tour location is approximately 40 minutes from the Channel Terminals and starts at Hardelot Chateau, close to the villages of Condette and Hardelot sur Plage. To start the walk, go to Hardelot Chateau, via the village of Condette (follow sign-posts) and park at the car park (where there is provision for cars, vans and coaches and a café and facilities on site). From the car park entrance, when leaving the castle with the café on the left, turn left on to a dead-end small road (Rue de la Source) with some residential houses and proceed 290m, when on the right there is a track and then an entry (with information board and route indicator) on to the Chemin des Juifs, via a wooden chicane into the Foret Domaniale d'Ecault. Follow the concrete road through the forest and sand dunes until the Jewish memorial is reached after 1.4 km, the first stop on the tour.

Disabled Access

The Chemin des Juifs is wheel-chair accessible on the concrete roadway. The trail is a round 3 - 4 miles with some steep gradients towards the far end. The site of the camp and memorial at Dannes is easily accessible via a car park leading directly to the cemeery, though the Kreigsmarine is 1km along an un-metalled road and the longer tour route might not be suitable for those with mobility problems, though the visit to the Bunker at Dunnette would be feasible, as it can be accessed directly off a largely tarmacked road and vehicular access is possible.

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