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Brighton in the 1950s

Bryan Brooks

Bryan Brooks recalls the 1950s in Brighton as a happy era for himself and his friends.

I enclose below a very brief commentary on what life was like for me in the 50's in Brighton.

I was 14 years old in 1950 and life throughout this decade in Brighton was
both enjoyable and memorable. In those days we had no computers, mobile
phones, ipods, and only a basic TV service and no smart outdoor cafe's/restaurants etc,.and certainly very little disposable income, yet there
was always somewhere to go and things to do. Buses were the usual means
of transport (or bike).

Simple things, like a visit to the West or Palace Piers, were always enjoyable as was a walk along the sea front, which usually was a social meeting place,
where you were sure to meet someone you knew, as was the Brunswick
Square beach [also known as Maccabi Beach ed.].

Rottingdene pitch and putt golf courses, were venues where the most
competative of golf activities took place among friends. The Carmel tennis club was another sporting venue where both myself and my friends spent many happy hours. The Maccabi social club in Rochester Gardens Hove was a great place to meet and to be involved in a variety of activities. The Regent
Ballroom at the Clock Tower was the favoured place to go Saturday nights,
(whether you were favoured or not was in the lap of the gods.)

For long term suffering there was nothing quite like the Goldstone ground on a
Saturday afternoon, to support "The Albion".

To sum up Brighton in the 50's was a great place to be and with wonderful
Friends, my memories of my teenage years will always stay with me.

Bryan Brooks (2009)

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