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Hannah, daughter of Rachel, talks about her experiences as a young Jewish person in Bradford. (Interview and Photograph, David David)

What is your name and how old are you?

My name is Hannah and I am 18.

What are your favourite things about Bradford?

I think the situation of it, in that it is close to the city, and it has also got the countryside nearby, and also the wide range of people that are living in Bradford.

When you grow up would you carry on living in Bradford?
Probably when I grow up I would like to move away to just to experience a different place and different people; but I would always see Bradford as my home, and I would always want to have a base here.

How do you find living in Bradford?

It is an interesting experience with the mixture of people and opportunities that you come across. I do find that there is a lot of conflict with social groups and things, which I don't find an issue myself, but I know that is an issue in Bradford.

Photograph: Hannah and her mother are shown with family photographs.

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